Saturday, July 19, 2014

Ella's Field Trip to Natural History Museum

 Just as Mira had been looking forward to her field trip, Ella was really hoping to go on one herself. The third grade got to go to the new Natural History Museum in Salt Lake City. And I was the lucky sidekick.
 A bus full of third graders... As I posted on Facebook, "Should've taken some ibuprofen!"
 Our little group had fun checking out the entire museum. Each had some different ideas as to what they wanted to see, so there was a little compromise required. The museum covers everything from carbon atoms to Native American languages and handiwork to animals native to the area. Interesting stuff.
 There's a great spot outside with a great view of the valley.

 The future is so bright, she needs shades.
 Aargh! Dinosaurs!

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