Saturday, July 19, 2014

Independence Day!

 Chad totally won brownie points when he took the kids to the Independence Day parade on Redwood Road with Aunt Amber. It was roasting hot. The kids love to get their faces painted (well, until they get older). The girls even had me paint their nails to be patriotic.

 And Colin. Oh, Colin. This boy has been counting down to this day. Since, like, Halloween. I think he said this is his favorite holiday. He had fireworks he'd saved since last year. And he was saving money to buy more. But then something wonderful happened! He was offered a position at the TNT tent on 6200 S 4800 W. We were just checking out fireworks when we got to chatting with the owner, Paul Diamond. He learned how much into fireworks Colin was, and asked if he'd like to work there! Talk about stoked! He worked for several days, earned some good money, and used some of it to buy a bunch of other fireworks.
 Matthew and the girls were looking forward to the events to come!
 And my Micah. Trying to get a picture of him. He was being so funny.

 Here he is, typical. Trying so hard not to smile. Biting his cheeks. But I win!
We had a great barbeque. Grandma Miller came down for it. That evening, we headed over for the neighborhood barbeque and fireworks at the Pearce's. It was a great time. Fun had by all.

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