Saturday, July 19, 2014

Manti Pagaent and Mount Pleasant

 We had never taken the children to the Manti Pageant, nor had Chad and I been together. We knew a trip was in order. Mom and Dad Barnett lent us their Camperworld pass so that we could stay in Mount Pleasant. And what a beautiful campsite it is.
 We had a great time staying there. There were lots of juniper trees, which provided great shade. The kids found pieces of blue string around the camp and used them to build swings, jump rope, pretend to fish, and so forth. I love the inventive play them employed.

 Right next to our camp was a little stream. I was perfect for wading, jumping over, and for "fishing."
 There was also a nice grassy area for us to play some frisbee. We did a lot of that.

 Colin brought his jack knife, and did some whittling. He also gathered and arranged kindling, tinder, and wood for his practice campfire.
 We went into Manti to check out some sights. We happened upon this truck someone had redone to look just like Mater.

 That night we had dinner at the Utah National Guard. They put on a turkey barbeque every year as a fundraiser. Aren't my girls beautiful?
 By the time we got situated at the grounds of the Manti temple, we still had three hours to kill before the pageant began. We'd brought a frisbee and some balls to keep us occupied. And Micah and I even got to chill on the grass for a while, reading our books. I was very nice. We packed some treats to enjoy before and during the show.
 There were 14,000 folding chairs set up. So many people were there. I saw Lea Taylor from our ward in South Ogden, as well as Marsha Lowery Bailey, my old roomie from USU. The sun went down, and the temple was illuminated. I couldn't remember much from the last time I'd been to the pageant over 15 years ago. But there was anticipation in the air.

Everyone enjoyed the show. I heard Micah say at one point that he was really enjoying it.
 There is a family who runs a small business, Oolite Cheese Factory. They gave us a cool little tour and some yummy samples. We purchased a wedge of cheese and enjoyed it at our picnic by the temple.
 Back at camp, Micah helped prepare a couple of the meals in order to pass off requirements for Scouts.
 We went on a nature hike and saw cacti and evidence of many different animals. Micah found a bird's nest.
 On the juniper trees, we saw tons of these animal exoskeletons. The children went around, picking off as many as they could find. They put them all in a plastic cup to bring home. We weren't sure what insects these were, but we sure heard the sound of insects around camp. We soon learned from one of the Camperworld workers that these are cicadas. Cicadas only come out every 13-17 years. Lucky us! It made for some fun searching at camp.
 Lots of time was spent trying out the two different rope swings.
 Chad is determined to have Colin and Micah learn to put up and take down the tent. They are just about there! With the kids being the ages they are, camping is so much smoother than it used to be! They help so much with everything. It makes camping so nice.

 Yay for camping!

 It is crazy how packed our car is for a trip like this. We are packed in like sardines! But it's worth it.

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