Saturday, July 19, 2014

Micah's Trip to J.A. BizTown

 The entire fifth grade prepared for their trip to Junior Achievement BizTown by learning about math, checkbooks, deposits, making money, saving, spending, etc. Each student was given a career. Micah was an academic adviser for University of Phoenix. He was so stoked for this day to come! He imagined what it might be like. He planned his outfit.
 I was assigned to work in City Hall. The four girls I worked with were amazing. They were so prepared and smart. This little girl below, Jimari, moved here not long ago from Puerto Rico. Her English is definitely still emerging. We worked together on the very basics of introducing herself and explaining her role in recycling.

 Caleb and Micah lookin' sharp in their bow ties. (Loving Doctor Who!)
 The little stinker.
 The group at City Hall:
 The group from University of Phoenix:

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