Saturday, July 19, 2014

Mira's Field Trip to "This Is the Place"

 Mira had so been looking forward to her class field trip all year. She'd been asking all year when they'd get to go. She begged me to volunteer. I was happy to! Thankfully, Colin was on summer break, and stayed home with Matthew so I could attend. (Thank you, Colin!) And, ah, the bus ride...
 Here is Mira with several of her classmates at the entrance. Below, we went into a one room house, where we learned about the life of a pioneer. In this home, there were ten children, I believe. The girls slept in the house on the floor, and the boys either slept outside, or up in the loft. We learned about all the work children were expected to do to help keep the farm running: milking cows, plowing, washing clothes, etc.
Each of the children got to try out each activity. Here, Mira is trying her hand at plowing. Plowing a straight line is harder than it looks!
 In another home, this cute lady taught us about the process of getting wool from sheep, carding, dying, spinning, and knitting. And this lady knows her stuff! She showed us some socks that she was working on herself. The kids got to use the carders and practice carding wool. Pretty cool.
 Lucky Mira got picked to get a shave at the barber's! This gentleman here told us about life as a barber back in the day. Not only did he cut hair and shave, but he extracted teeth and performed minor surgeries! Mira go to be his guinea pig. He lathered her up, "shaved" her face, and put toilet water on her. The kids got a laugh out of that one. He explained that toilet was was not actually water from a toilet, but more like perfume or aftershave. This was so fun.

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