Saturday, July 19, 2014

Rocky Mouth and Bells Canyon

The kids (minus Colin because he was in school) and I invited Kobe Anderson to join us for a hike up to Rocky Mouth. I'd heard about it from a friend. It's in Sandy, just off of Wasatch Blvd. It was a great little hike up to a waterfall. We took Jack with us. He enjoyed getting out. It was a little tricky going back down, though. I was holding Matthew and trying not to get us tangled in Jack's leash. By the time we finished, the kids were ready for more. We needed to find another hike! Thanks to smartphones, I was able to locate another hike close by: Bells Canyon. This one was definitely longer and more strenuous. We hiked up to the reservoir. There weren't many people up there, which was nice. We found a nice little spot where the kids could throw in rocks. (Matthew loves this!) There was even a mama duck with her ducklings, to which we threw bread.

 Matthew on our way up Bells Canyon:
 These bottom two pics are from Rocky Mouth.

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