Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Great" Salt Lake?

 While Frank and William were here, I tried to give them tastes of good, solid, American food. We had tacos, spaghetti, chocolate chip cookies, and (pictured above) root beer floats. They were fascinated with the process. They took lots of pictures. They liked it! I think the picture above is the best one of them smiling. I don't know what it is, but whenever I took a picture, they'd go from smiling to straight-faced. It was funny!
 Lisa and Dorothy joined us for a trip to the Great Salt Lake. We figured if you come all the way from China to Utah, you've got to at least experience that. We parked by Salt Air and walked a good 1/2 mile down to the water. Along the way there were hot salt-encrusted puddles, brine flies, and dead seagulls. But on we trudged, amid waves of sulfer-scented air.
 William rolled up his pants and braved the salty water. Micah stripped down to his trunks and went fully in, on the hunt for brine shrimp!
 Dorothy (with her umbrella):

 One cool thing we discovered about the lake was how perfect it is for skipping rocks! Man, once we figured that out, we were all searching for rocks and seeing how many skips or how far we could skip.

 Back at home, I had promised Frank and William that I would teach them how to bake chocolate chip cookies. They loved it. They really did it all, which was really nice, because I got to go chill while they put in batch after batch. The next day was Brayden Davis' farewell, and we brought a cookies with us.
 Micah and his brine shrimp. We enjoyed watching them, and we think we even saw itty-bitty babies that must've been born while we had them. It was pretty cool!

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