Sunday, September 28, 2014

Big Sky

 Blake and Maren are wonderful hosts when we come to stay. Maren made wonderful meals for us, and we wanted for nothing. We each had a place to sleep comfortably.

 It was relaxing, just hanging around, letting the kids spend time together. We went to church with them on Sunday. Micah and Mira had upset stomachs, so they stayed home. Thankfully, they recovered quickly, and we did not have a repeat performance with Ziploc bags and vomit on the way home.
 We introduced the cousins to Geocaching. We followed directions to their nearby park. The first geocache was a devil to find. But Aunt Maren saved the day. She persisted in looking. Some of the littles and I played at the playground while they continued the search for a second geocache.

 Cousin time.

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