Sunday, September 7, 2014

Payson Grotto and Farewells

 The Payson Grotto came recommended by Shelley Anglin. It was a warm, clear day driving down to the Provo area. As we get closer to this area, we see dark clouds around the mountains. Once we get out of the car and start trekking, it really starts to rain. And it was chilly. I thought it was beautiful, but spirits were dampened a bit by the rain. The hike was easy and short. The grotto is really pretty, and quite a few other people had the same idea. It was funny to watch several people stand underneath the cold waterfall and get drenched.
 Matthew seemed to do just fine.
 Some of the kids tried to find shelter, and didn't want to come out.
 Our stay ended up being a lot shorter than expected, but on our way out of town, I bought Frank and William their first Taco Bell tacos. They loved them! We all got Slurpees.
 Dorothy and Lisa had gone shopping at the Asian Market for ingredients to fix us a wonderful Chinese meal. Dorothy recruited the boys to help her with the dicing and mixing.
 Lisa bought sandwich pinwheels to fill in. But there was a good amount of food, and everyone really enjoyed trying the new foods.
 We had soup made from eggs and tomatoes. There was spicy beef, potatoes and bell pepper, pigs' ear (that was a new, chewy experience), and pork. The kids loved everything!
 Mira with her new hairdo. What a great change! No more tears in the morning when it's time to brush.
 There was a farewell dinner for all the Chinese students and their families on their last night with us. We met at a park in Daybreak and enjoyed a good meal. The students tried to put on Romeo and Juliet with a modern twist, but we had a downpour. The children loved it, and ran around in it.
 Frank and William each wrote us notes, expressing their gratitude. We got all their information, which I will list below.

 Not sure who the gentleman below is, other than one of the four teachers. But he was eager to be in our picture.
 Frank Tedder's info:
Tian Bin Jian
address: Chengdu Foreign Language School
Telephone: 86-13708207195
Birthday: May 4 1998

William's info:
Birthday: September 4, 1997

Birthday: May 9

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Marsha said...

A real Chinese meal! How lucky. I love "Chinese" food but it would be nice to try the real stuff.