Sunday, September 28, 2014

Silverwood with Uncle Blake and Aunt Maren

We'd been looking forward to our trip to visit cousins this summer. Colin had been asking for a while when we'd be able to return to Silverwood Theme Park. We went the day after we'd arrived.
The park really wasn't busy when we first arrived, so we got on some of the rides pretty easily. The kids were excited to soak each other on the bumper boats. And they did!
The weather was cool, which was great. So glad it wasn't a scorcher.

Chad tied to protect Matthew from getting soaked. But I think Matthew enjoyed trying to get others!

Here they are, Ella, Mira, and Braden, all wet!

The Dumbo ride was a bit hit with a bunch of the kids. And there was no line. So they went on several times in a row. They squealed and hollered back and forth. It was fun to watch.

In the afternoon, Maren kept an eye on the little ones so I could go ride with a few of the bigger kids. Matthew, Hunter, Brody, and Braden had so much fun in the sand play area. The sun was warm by this point. Braden was a hoot. He kept collecting tons of sand in his shirt, folding it up into a pouch to carry it around.
Matthew and Hunter pretty much claimed this tree trunk as their own. Mira played for a while before heading off for some of the bigger rides.

We did make time for the water area of the park. Chad, Blake, Ella, Mira, and I went on one tube ride, which was fun. Colin and Micah became separated from us at some point and mostly walked around, trying to find us.

The first ride Matthew went on when we arrived was this little ferris wheel. He was terrified at first. As he clung to me crying, I explained how the ride would go, and reassured him that we'd be safe together. He stopped crying at that point, and was fine. Once we got on, the panic set in a bit. But Ella was such a good sister, and helped to distract him. We talked about the butterflies we get when the ride goes around. Then he was cracking up and having a good time.
It is fun to see Matthew try some new rides, compared to last year at Lagoon. He's a little more brave. He did *not* enjoy the ride below, however!

Waiting in a long line for the bumper boats:

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