Sunday, September 28, 2014

Washington Trip

After we'd had a day at Silverwood, we stayed a night in a hotel and then headed up the mountain to ride the Trail of Hiawatha. While unpacking, I realized I'd forgotten all my toiletries. I had no toothbrush, floss, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner. 
 Not much better in life than spending time with cousins! And they so enjoyed being together.

 Maren had worked so hard to organize everything for us for our 15 mile bike ride.  She went around to borrow bikes for each one of us, as well as headlamps, helmets, and a trailer for Matthew to ride in. Whew! Thanks, Maren!
 The first of a series of tunnels was the longest. And very, very dark. We tried staying all together, but immediately, Mira had issues with her bike being in the wrong gear, headlamp being too dim, and just being plain frightened. Once we took care of the bike and light issues, we pressed on. It is unsettling to ride in a long, dark, damp tunnel. The lights only illuminate a small area. It was reassuring to follow others ahead of us, and even to see people coming from the other direction.
 Once we got through that tunnel, we stopped for a breather, some play and exploration, and a few pictures. Here I am, gathering everyone together for a group picture.
 "Right here, guys!"

 Aw, we love these people!
 The entrance to the tunnel, St. Paul Pass.
 The trail is on a slight decline the whole way, which makes for a nice, easy ride. Not necessarily easy on the tush. We heard some about that from the kids. But they didn't give up.

 The views were incredible! The long drop-offs had Mira freaked out some. She didn't want to be anywhere near the edge. And she didn't want anyone else to get close, either. We passed over some trestles that were pretty amazing.
 Our little family one the trail:
 Maren and I enjoyed a little chit chat along the way. I feel so lucky to have such a great sis-in-law.
 There were *big* drop-offs!
 All the adults agreed that we would have loved to stop at each information board to learn more about the history of the trail. But with children in tow, we had to keep up the pace if we wanted them to make it to the finish!
Once we reached the end, Chad and Blake waited in line to take a bus back to the parking lot to pick up the cars and come get us. (It saved us, like, $9 per person to not ride that bus.) And it was worth it, because the kids had a great time just playing around. We were able to end the day on a high note, rather than kids whining about being tired of the bikes. :)  And Mira had a spill right before we went through the last tunnel. She got scraped up some, and she was so tired. Thankfully, one of the employees stopped over to give her a few bandages. That helped her enough to finish the ride.
 I'm not sure what these two were talking about, but it looked and sounded funny!
 The children tossed rocks down a hill, gathered sticks to make pretend campfires, and explored the area. Good, dirty fun!

 Maren wanted to get a picture of Braden with all this dirt on his face. He was having a great time!
 The cousins at the finish! They made it!

Matthew wanted to throw a rock from this trestle and watch it fall all the way into the stream below. There's a funny-not-so-funny feeling you get, as a parent, when you watch your child try to peer over from that height. I held on tight!

This is a gorgeous area. I am so glad we did it. Maren says maybe another time we could do the Trail to Coeur d'Alene, which is not quite so long. Sounds like a plan!

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Marsha said...

I'm so glad you blogged about this. I recently heard about this trail and think it would be so much fun. Now I'm definitely putting it on my bucket list.