Thursday, October 16, 2014

October Days

 Grant had a sleepover with us, and the next morning we went to the Spirit Halloween store so Colin could buy a motion-activated jumping spider he'd had his eye on. Grant was a little wary of all the spooky stuff. He told me, "I'm not too into those kinds of Halloween decorations. I'm more into the jack-o-lanterns and stuff like that." I hear you, Grant.
Soccer games were rained out one Saturday, so we had a make up game on a Monday, instead. It rained then, too, but we got a treat of this beautiful, complete rainbow. A double rainbow, even!
 Matthew and I were on the hunt for a playground or something new to check out one day after running errands. We headed over to the heart of Jordan Landing. Matthew loved the play structure there. He jumped around, climbed, and said lots of "Watch me Mom!"

Colin's Eagle Scout Project

There was a lot of prep that went into this day. Colin had given sheets to the High Priest Group Leaders in our stake, he'd announced in various auxiliaries in the wards, made a video to post on Facebook, and organized other scouts to help make phone calls. 

Colin greeted people as they came into the gym. He'd identify those who signed up and came, and then made phone calls to those who hadn't shown up yet.
 He didn't really need me around, so I hung out in the hall, reading. Mom was back home with the other kids so that I could be there. Doug, Rachel, Alan, Janna, and Amber were making their way over to help. The funny thing is that, out of the family, Chad and Alan was the only one who was able to donate!
 A big thank you to those good people who supported Colin and donated to ARUP.
Brother Hutchinson's in there:
 Shirlayne Harris:
 A bunch of the scouts serving drinks and snacks to donors (and enjoying some drinks and snacks themselves!): Scott Johnson, Nathan Pearce, Grayson Christensen, Ben Aguero, Connor Harris. And our neighbor, Shannon Roach, is chatting with them.
 Cory Calaway:
 Mr. Neves, Colin's orchestra teacher, and John Down:
 Colin, Connor, and Nathan discussing:

 Kris Harris:
 Erlynn Lofthouse:

 Antoinette Shumann, Marnie Bussell:
 Mrs. Allen, Colin's 7th grade math teacher (and her daughter) came. Totally sweet!

 Jordy Clark:
 Colin and Keaton Bussell were having way too much fun together!
 Chad arrived as soon as he could after work to donate and help out:
 Lanissa Bell, Jana and Craig Pearce, Liz Starley (Colin's Sunday School teacher before their family moved):
 Bishop, Jana, and Nate Pearce:
 My happy husband:
 Mom was holding down the fort with our kids, the Miller cousins, and dinner. Dad made three big pans of scalloped potatoes. They were thoroughly enjoyed! It made the evening so nice, to be able to focus on Colin's project and not worry about anything back home. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Oh, But These Children Are Darling!

Matthew and I like to frequently check out different playgrounds. At Skye Park, he loves this digger.
 One morning, Mira asked me to crimp her hair. She looked so stinking cute! Once in a while, the hair can be the thing that causes tears because it didn't turn out the way she expected. But she's too cute!

 And evasive little Ella:
 So pretty!
 We are so proud of Matthew. He's been working hard to learn how to write his own name. He's showing off his name here:
He now knows my phone number, Dad's phone number, and SungHee Badger's phone number.

It's a good thing he does, because just last night he decided to go barefoot on a walk up our street, and over to West Hills Middle School all by himself! It was dark outside! The doorbell rang, and a plain-clothes Unified Police Officer was standing at my door, flashing his badge, saying he saw Matthew out, walking Grizzy Way by himself as he was taking his kids home from football. Good grief! Needless to say, I had a good talk with him. It made me feel awful. I'm just so, so thankful that man was the one to find him and bring him home.

Micah's Date Night

 Micah was persistent in reminding me that I owed him a date night. His choice was to go out to eat at Subway, and then head over to Lehi and play at Trafalga. We enjoyed out sub sandwiches. Micah is a pepperoni boy, so that's what his sandwich was.
At Trafalga, we did miniature golf, laser tag, and Micah bought some tokens to do the arcade. With the tickets we won from arcades, he got from the reward counter a few toys. We went outside, into the cool evening air, and played catch with his new toys. When he asked me what my favorite part of the date was, I answered that playing catch was the winner. It was awesome to focus only on him and have fun with my sweet boy.
 He went into a laser room, where you try to avoid touching the laser lines. He had fun trying this out a couple of times.
When the evening wound down and we were ready to head out, he didn't want the night to be over! He tried to think of something else we could do. We attempted a Geocache, but it was so dark, and we were unfamiliar with the area, we had to give it up. But we sure had a great time!


 He must have got his hands on my camera for this selfie. He's my little buddy.
If I am cooking or baking, he wants to be there for it. Whenever I make macaroni and cheese (a favorite), he loves to dump the noodles into the boiling water, and mix the butter and cheese. He's got to be up close and personal. I don't have a "don't climb on the counter" policy, because how else are little ones supposed to be able to be involved in the kitchen?
 Here, he is choosing something to take for show-and-tell. He had to try it out a few times before placing it inside his school bag.

9/11 Healing Field Memorial

 The Sunday following Patriot Day, we drove to Sandy, by City Hall, to see the Healing Field. It is an impressive sight. There is a flag to represent each person who died on that day. Mom and Dad were staying with us, so they joined us. It was a hot day.

 I love to take our family to places like this in honor of humanity, our nation, and patriotism.
 They crashed in the shade to cool off.

 I like this one of Mom and Dad.

 As we started to drive away, Micah begged to do a Geocache. We found the best one we've come across yet! It wasn't far from City Hall. The hiding place was awesome, the container was excellent, and in it was a great cache and log. It's so fun to include these hunts when we go different places. Not everyone is as interested in searching for the cache, especially on a hot day. But it infuses a sense of adventure into anything we're doing.