Thursday, October 16, 2014

9/11 Healing Field Memorial

 The Sunday following Patriot Day, we drove to Sandy, by City Hall, to see the Healing Field. It is an impressive sight. There is a flag to represent each person who died on that day. Mom and Dad were staying with us, so they joined us. It was a hot day.

 I love to take our family to places like this in honor of humanity, our nation, and patriotism.
 They crashed in the shade to cool off.

 I like this one of Mom and Dad.

 As we started to drive away, Micah begged to do a Geocache. We found the best one we've come across yet! It wasn't far from City Hall. The hiding place was awesome, the container was excellent, and in it was a great cache and log. It's so fun to include these hunts when we go different places. Not everyone is as interested in searching for the cache, especially on a hot day. But it infuses a sense of adventure into anything we're doing.

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