Monday, October 13, 2014

Alpine Loop

 Last year we drove the Alpine Loop for the first time. We went a little late in the season for autumn colors. This year, I wanted to catch all the beauty before the leaves had mostly fallen. When we told the children what we were doing, the first question out of their mouths was, "Are we going to hike? Noooo!"
 The sky was blue, but became overcast as we made out way into the mountains. But still beautiful.

 Pictures never do something like this justice.
 From the Ranger's Station, we heard about Cascade Spring, which is a very small hike...more like a walk. I'm so glad we stopped there. The trail is well laid, and is great for families with small children (or those who like to complain about hiking, haha.) Once we got out and started walking, they were excited about being there. I think having umbrellas added to the feeling of adventure for them.
 Matthew loved finding worms that had come across our path. Everything was either really green, or turning lovely autumn shades.


 Matthew and a big ol' worm he loved:

 As we were making our way out of the Alpine Loop, we cam across this amazing place where the top of one of the mountains was peeking through the clouds. It loomed so high overhead, it was hard to believe. This is where I will always be remembered for a moment of gullibility. Chad said straight-faced, "Well, here we are at the peak: 27,000 feet." To which I responded with, "Wow! Really?!" And Chad laughed, "Yes, we are now higher than Mount Everest." The kids thought that was a classic moment. I've heard it recalled more than a few times in the time since.
 As we came through Provo Canyon, we stopped off at Sundance. We walked around, and ran into our neighbors, Steve and Linda Harris. Oh! Another memory for the books: As we were standing there, visiting with them, along with their children and Steve's mother, all of a sudden wet dirt comes flying and hits me on one half of my body. Then I look up and see Steve's mother got the brunt of the mess. She's standing there, stunned. I turn around and say, "Matthew!" just to see him simultaneously realize he'd done something he shouldn't have. He was instantly remorseful. I had this inappropriate belly laugh bottled up inside me, along with a feeling of being mortified, because I don't think Steve's mother found it quite as humorous as I did.

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