Monday, October 13, 2014

Cousins, Outings, Fun

 Boy-oh-boy, are we glad to have the Miller cousins back from Germany! Doug and Rachel and the kids came down one Saturday to play. The weather was gorgeous, and they had a great time out on the tramp. Theron suggested adding dish soap to the tramp while water sprayed from underneath. What a fun, sudsy time! How many kids can we fit on the tramp?
We had a barbecue, went to the Sierra Neibold park, and just enjoyed being together.
 When Micah attended an assembly about band, he got excited about being a part of it. We went to the music store to learn a little more about the various instruments. At first, he thought he might want to play clarinet, then maybe saxophone. But once he tried blowing into the trumpet, his face lit up, and he was excited about it. I learned that playing the trumpet is not as simple as just blowing and pushing down the keys. He's worked at it. At first, he'd get headaches from blowing so hard. Now that we are a couple months into it, that doesn't happen anymore. He loves his band teacher and enjoys going to early morning practice. Yay!
 Here is Matthew on his first day of preschool. He has a couple of very nice teachers. Often, when someone refers to his preschool class, he likes to correct them and say, "It's pre-Kindergarten!"

 Our good neighbors, Jeri and Shannon Roach, have a beautiful garden, and brought over lots of veggies for us. I made zucchini bread, thanks to them.
 My friend, Heather Carr, invited us to join her on a little outing to a chocolate factory in Sandy. The kids loved seeing huge amounts of chocolate being handled, and sure appreciated free samples!
This is a photo I snapped for Maren. When we'd gone up last time, I introduced her to chicken tacos--fried. They loved them. So we like to brag a little back and forth whenever we make them now.

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