Thursday, October 16, 2014

Date Night

I so look forward to date night with Chad! There were years that they were sparse because of having younger children at home, and how complicated it could be to get away for a few hours. But, now, with the children the ages they are, we can make it work.

I really feel like we are in this perfect "sweet spot" with our family. They are old enough that we can leave them for a little while, providing us a little getaway time; they are still young enough to be under our wings of influence in a big way. We gather around the table every school morning for breakfast and scripture study, we all eat dinner together. They spend most of their time at home. The activities they are involved in usually include us: soccer, basketball, and scouts.

On this particular date night, I believe Chad and I went out to dinner before heading to an RSL game. And it was a great game!

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