Monday, October 13, 2014

Last of Summer

 I captured this when Colin was walking Matthew to the Badgers' house. I am so thankful when my children willingly help one another. This was one of those moments that made my heart smile.
 After a lot of remodeling and upgrading, and months spent on the market, my parents sold their Mountain Green home. They've lived there since 1994. Twenty years raising their teenaged children and being empty-nesters. They decided St. George would be the spot for them: warmer temps (no snowy winters), lower elevation, but still within driving distance.
 Chad coached Colin's, Mira's, and Matthew's soccer teams, plus was the U12 age group coordinator. It's been a lot of time and effort, but he loves it. I got to be the assistant coach for Matthew's team, which was manageable because I basically have to remind them which way the goal is! Mira, pictured on the right, enjoyed sticking around after her practice to help Matthew's team. She's such a good helper!
 Micah was in need of a new pair of shoes for school. He narrowed the selection down to these two. Oh, the turmoil in his mind over this decision! It was fun to watch. He values Colin's opinion on style, so when Colin suggested the black pair, he started to go for it. But as he got closer to the cash register, he stopped, the uncertainty written all over his face. So I went around the store with the shoes and took an informal poll to see which one would win out. (I was voting grey.) When I first suggested taking the poll, he appeared to be mortified. But underneath, he really did want more opinions. It was a close race, with black winning by a narrow margin. But he went for the grey. (Yes!)
 This was cute. The girls had been playing together. What, I don't remember. But they got it in their minds that they *must* have a healthful lunch. They requested a salad, veggies, and milk. Look at how adorable they are!
 Micah's first day of 6th grade. He was excited to get Mrs. Pruyt, the same teacher Colin had. He'd gone clothes shopping, and had more decisions over which outfit to wear on his first day. Handsome devil!
 Mira and Ella had been begging to go clothes shopping, rather than buying (awesome) clothes off of friends and acquaintances. I've been able to get some awesome clothes and shoes that way, but they wanted the real shopping experience. So we headed over to girls clothing paradise: Justice. Boy, did they have a blast looking through all the assembled outfits with accessories.
 The had to pose and model each stylish outfit. So fun!

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