Thursday, October 16, 2014

Micah's Date Night

 Micah was persistent in reminding me that I owed him a date night. His choice was to go out to eat at Subway, and then head over to Lehi and play at Trafalga. We enjoyed out sub sandwiches. Micah is a pepperoni boy, so that's what his sandwich was.
At Trafalga, we did miniature golf, laser tag, and Micah bought some tokens to do the arcade. With the tickets we won from arcades, he got from the reward counter a few toys. We went outside, into the cool evening air, and played catch with his new toys. When he asked me what my favorite part of the date was, I answered that playing catch was the winner. It was awesome to focus only on him and have fun with my sweet boy.
 He went into a laser room, where you try to avoid touching the laser lines. He had fun trying this out a couple of times.
When the evening wound down and we were ready to head out, he didn't want the night to be over! He tried to think of something else we could do. We attempted a Geocache, but it was so dark, and we were unfamiliar with the area, we had to give it up. But we sure had a great time!

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