Thursday, October 16, 2014

October Days

 Grant had a sleepover with us, and the next morning we went to the Spirit Halloween store so Colin could buy a motion-activated jumping spider he'd had his eye on. Grant was a little wary of all the spooky stuff. He told me, "I'm not too into those kinds of Halloween decorations. I'm more into the jack-o-lanterns and stuff like that." I hear you, Grant.
Soccer games were rained out one Saturday, so we had a make up game on a Monday, instead. It rained then, too, but we got a treat of this beautiful, complete rainbow. A double rainbow, even!
 Matthew and I were on the hunt for a playground or something new to check out one day after running errands. We headed over to the heart of Jordan Landing. Matthew loved the play structure there. He jumped around, climbed, and said lots of "Watch me Mom!"

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