Thursday, October 16, 2014

Oh, But These Children Are Darling!

Matthew and I like to frequently check out different playgrounds. At Skye Park, he loves this digger.
 One morning, Mira asked me to crimp her hair. She looked so stinking cute! Once in a while, the hair can be the thing that causes tears because it didn't turn out the way she expected. But she's too cute!

 And evasive little Ella:
 So pretty!
 We are so proud of Matthew. He's been working hard to learn how to write his own name. He's showing off his name here:
He now knows my phone number, Dad's phone number, and SungHee Badger's phone number.

It's a good thing he does, because just last night he decided to go barefoot on a walk up our street, and over to West Hills Middle School all by himself! It was dark outside! The doorbell rang, and a plain-clothes Unified Police Officer was standing at my door, flashing his badge, saying he saw Matthew out, walking Grizzy Way by himself as he was taking his kids home from football. Good grief! Needless to say, I had a good talk with him. It made me feel awful. I'm just so, so thankful that man was the one to find him and bring him home.

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