Thursday, October 16, 2014

Play Room

We'd had plans to do something to the storage room downstairs since we'd moved in. After five years, we got moving on that idea. With Alan's knowledgeable guidance, we made a plan for the room. The layout makes the room feel so much more open. Chad and I went shopping for paint, and ended up with these three colors that I thought would make for a fun, bright playroom. Green was the first color to go up, and I loved it right away. But when we started painting the blue and then the pink, I thought to myself, "What in the world was I thinking, putting up such crazy colors?!" But once the colors dried, and the whole room was painted, I actually really came to like it. There is a bookshelf/storage cabinet yet to be put in, but in the meantime, it is completely useable, and so nice to have. It now has a few pictures on the walls, a couple of small bookshelves, a table, and a whole bunch of toys all over.

Out of all the kids, Mira uses it the most right now. She uses it as her classroom. She's got a whiteboard with dry erase markers and papers she's created for classwork. She likes to invite her friends over to play school with her. Once in a while she's able to convince Matthew to play school.

 One day, just before preschool, I took Matthew by Arctic Circle to enjoy an ice cream cone. He was one happy boy. This is the picture I printed off for him to share with his preschool class on his "All About Me" day. He loves the fact that he's holding an ice cream cone!

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