Thursday, October 16, 2014

Colin's Eagle Scout Project

There was a lot of prep that went into this day. Colin had given sheets to the High Priest Group Leaders in our stake, he'd announced in various auxiliaries in the wards, made a video to post on Facebook, and organized other scouts to help make phone calls. 

Colin greeted people as they came into the gym. He'd identify those who signed up and came, and then made phone calls to those who hadn't shown up yet.
 He didn't really need me around, so I hung out in the hall, reading. Mom was back home with the other kids so that I could be there. Doug, Rachel, Alan, Janna, and Amber were making their way over to help. The funny thing is that, out of the family, Chad and Alan was the only one who was able to donate!
 A big thank you to those good people who supported Colin and donated to ARUP.
Brother Hutchinson's in there:
 Shirlayne Harris:
 A bunch of the scouts serving drinks and snacks to donors (and enjoying some drinks and snacks themselves!): Scott Johnson, Nathan Pearce, Grayson Christensen, Ben Aguero, Connor Harris. And our neighbor, Shannon Roach, is chatting with them.
 Cory Calaway:
 Mr. Neves, Colin's orchestra teacher, and John Down:
 Colin, Connor, and Nathan discussing:

 Kris Harris:
 Erlynn Lofthouse:

 Antoinette Shumann, Marnie Bussell:
 Mrs. Allen, Colin's 7th grade math teacher (and her daughter) came. Totally sweet!

 Jordy Clark:
 Colin and Keaton Bussell were having way too much fun together!
 Chad arrived as soon as he could after work to donate and help out:
 Lanissa Bell, Jana and Craig Pearce, Liz Starley (Colin's Sunday School teacher before their family moved):
 Bishop, Jana, and Nate Pearce:
 My happy husband:
 Mom was holding down the fort with our kids, the Miller cousins, and dinner. Dad made three big pans of scalloped potatoes. They were thoroughly enjoyed! It made the evening so nice, to be able to focus on Colin's project and not worry about anything back home. Thanks Mom and Dad!

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