Monday, October 13, 2014

Wonderful Days

Matthew is getting so good at balancing on his Strider bike! I think he may be ready for a real 2 wheeler soon. On this day, we rode down Grizzly to the park in the Ranches with Jack. 
I think we were at a soccer, because Mira would be wearing her jersey. I don't know what we were doing, but it looks like we were having fun!

 Now here we are at a soccer game! I loved these Saturday mornings, going to each of the kids' games, cheering them on. Matthew's been doing well, learning how to dribble. Mira is absolutely focused during her game. She instinctively knows where to be on the field, and to keep her eye on the ball. She is aggressive, and her best position is defender. Her team went undefeated this fall!
 Chad is having a halftime chat with Colin's team. (Colin is seated to his left.) Chad has really enjoyed the weekly 2 hour practices with this team. He gets to work with kids who are developing their skills, and gets some exercise himself. Their team did well this year!

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