Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mira's 8th Birthday Party

About a week before her birthday, Mira asked me, "Mom, are you going to make my birthday cake?" I could hear in her voice she wondered what masterpiece I would come up with. Once I decided on making this adorable M&M decked out number 8 cake, I got busy. With the pieces I cut off and the leftover frosting, these three frosted their own individual mini-cakes. They loved it.

They helped me sort through all the colors in order to make this rainbow pattern.
 The table was ready for our guests, with a framed picture of Mira in her baptism dress.
 As a focal point, because Mira's baptism would be the following day, I hung pictures representing her first 8 years along with her blessing dress.
 She loved her cake!

 We had quite a group! We started with pizza and soda--a hit all around. Mira really wanted to watch "The Princess Diaries" with everyone in their pjs.
 By the time the movie was *mostly* over, all but a few of them made their way back upstairs. So we made some oobleck. They thought it was disgusting and they loved it.

 Mira with each of her friends. Alyssa Badger:
 Victoria Howe:
 Rylee Hutchinson:
 Lillian Smith:
 Katerina Aguero:
 Brielle Fountaine:
 Mikelle Baker:
 Ashley Lesh:
 Alexis Carr:
 Sena Bell:
 Ailie Skowronek:
And now for the best part. What makes Mira unique and special?
*She is empathetic. When she notices someone is hurt, she wants to help. Especially when it comes to Matthew.
*Speaking of Matthew, she is an absolute treasure in caring for him. She is so responsible, and will keep watch over him.
*She loves to pitch in cooking. She'll peel, chop, stir, crack, mix happily.
*Cleaning under her bed is one of the most dreaded things! When it's time to tackle the girls' room, nothing gets under her skin more than to lift up her comforter to see how cluttered under her bed is. That's when intervention from me is required!
*She is a terrific student. I know she is a joy for her teachers. I have witnessed first hand how she'll go above and beyond what her teacher asks. If Mrs. Shimp asks all the students to pick up the garbage on the floor, Mira will crawl all over, picking up whatever trash she can. She's my white tornado!
*She loves piano. She's been working hard to learn her Christmas song, "Winter Wonderland." She now knows the whole thing, and loves to play it. She also learned the bottom part to "Heart and Soul."
*When there is a job to do, I can depend on her to do it well.
*On occasion, she'll take it upon herself to do serious cleaning. It might be the playroom. Just yesterday she went down and tackled the room by herself. Then she had me close my eyes so she could surprise me.
*She is discovering the beauty of her beautiful voice. She has a unique quality to it. Some call it raspy. For a while there, she had a hard time with that, and got her feelings hurt when someone would say something about her voice. But we had a good talk about successful people with raspy voices. Even famous singers with that quality to their voices. Since then, she loves to play around with her instrument and sing lots of songs. Her current favorite song to sing is Christina Perry's "A Thousand Years."
*She tries to make her prayers meaningful by thinking of people we've put on our family's prayer roll.
*Mira's loves tumbling. She's worked hard to get her ariel and roundoff back handspring. (She has been wanting me to spot her on her back tuck, but I don't feel confident that I can do it safely.)
*At school, she wants to follow all the rules. It is important to her to stay on her teachers' good side. She is thrilled when she gets a blue or purple card. She dreads the thought of getting a yellow card.
*Before she begins an assignment at school, she wants to be sure she understands exactly what is being asked of her. She does not want to make mistakes.
She loves to play school down in the playroom. She'll play with Matthew, and she loves to play it with a friend. She's organized worksheets, the whiteboard, and different centers.
*Chad wanted me to be sure to include that she is a natural athlete. We have noticed this particularly with soccer and basketball. She seems to have an ability to keep her eye on the ball, and understand where the ball needs to go. She works hard to get it there. It is so fun to watch her play. I even think, many times, she holds back because she wants to share the ball with her teammates. 

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