Monday, December 1, 2014

Conference Weekend

 Chad and I coached Matthew's soccer team together. Technically, I was the assistant coach. Chad ran the practices, and I ended up coaching several of the games. The kids are so cute. A couple of them are so timid, and it takes a lot of coercion to get them to come out onto the field. Another little boy is a terrific athlete in the making, but he's bummed when his teammates score and he doesn't. Matthew hustles well. They all need frequent breaks because they burn out quickly. But we've had some good chuckles over this adorable team!
For general conference weekend, I tried to have some yummy food available. And everyone had their own spots, so as not to interfere with anyone else's learning experience. It worked well. For the most part.

 Having something quiet to do, like build Legos, helps tremendously. Matthew is really into counting things, and he did so with the Lego board seen here. He was counting all the circles on the board. And he didn't was to be interrupted!
 Don't know who took this, but it looks like chocolate chip cookies were in the making.
 And Micah's trying to hide from the camera!
 Ella loves nature. She draws landscapes, admires the beauty of the outdoors, and loves to capture it on film. She'll ask me for my camera to snap a picture of a beautiful sunrise, or the moon, as seen here.

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