Monday, December 1, 2014

Cousin Sleepover

 Matthew's all-time favorite thing to do in the kitchen is to crack eggs! If he knows I'm getting ready to do it, he'll run over saying, "Can I crack them? Let me crack the eggs, Mom!" I love how he looks so focused on his work here. He's standing on a step stool in order to reach the pot. We were making homemade Macaroni and Cheese. Yum!
And Ella tries her hand at photographing a beautiful sunset.

 If Matthew notices that I'm using gel in his hair to comb it to the side a little, he resists and insists on fixing it himself. His go-to hairstyle is the comb forward. Straight forward. Haha. Cutie pie.
 One day we were going to meet up with Aunt Rachel to do some kid swapping. Micah and Colin were going to the Miller's house to sleepover with Grant, while I would take Theron, Kate, and Paige for some fun. While we were waiting, we killed some time with Geocaching. Spot one:
 Spot two:
 And, back home, the girls had such a great time dressing up and playing all together. It makes me happy to know they can build special memories together. It was a long six years they were in Germany. We missed those cousins!

 They were too cute, all crowded together in the girls' room.
 The next day they spent a lot of time playing around the house, and then we made our way to Gardener Village. It was a hopping place, with all the witches and other autumn decorations out.
 We walked around, looking for all the witches we could find.
 And then we held our own personal photo session at the request of the girls. I giggle every time I see Matthew's face here.

 This one was so cute. And then I asked the girls to hide their water bottles, and what Paige did with hers had me cracking up!

 They each wanted individual shots of themselves.

 While we were waiting at our meeting spot for Aunt Rachel, Mira and Paige got a crazy idea in their heads to rub a jacket vigorously over their heads. And what became of that was rambunctious laughter all around!

 Cute, fun girls.

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