Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Farm Country, FHE, The Gardens

 We took the family to Thanksgiving Point's Farm Country at the beginning of October. They had Halloween activities, and it was a great time! Matthew and the girls are doing a pumpkin toss:
Trying to get the rings around the pumpkins:
 It's nice having the children the ages they are, because we can all participate in these kinds of things together, and they can all have a good time.
 The last time I brought Matthew to Farm Country, I suggested he ride a pony, but he was more interested in feeding the chickens. This time, however, because the older kids were gung ho, he was ready.
 Ella loved her beautiful horse. She and Mira kept asking me if we could buy a horse!
 Mira said she would take care of the horse everyday if we got one!
 Micah enjoyed the ride:
 And they all went for a second ride.
 I loved the autumn leaves against the blue sky.
 I sat back on a bench and watched the children run from here to there.
 On our way out, there was a cow available for milking. I have always wanted to milk a cow! The kids were excited about it, too. Since there was a bit of a line, we only got to do a few squirts. But we'll be back! Mira:
 Matthew was hesitant at first, but ended up trying it when Chad held him up.
 Micah's hair was getting long, and I was trying to explain to him that it needed a trim. So I took a picture to show him the back.
 Now that my calling is as a member of the Emergency Preparedness Committee, I've been thinking more about being prepared. Our water storage hadn't been replaced for several years, so we had a Family Home Evening to do so. Everyone helped out lugging jugs up and down stairs, as well as refilling. It wasn't bad.
 Mira was a happy helper. She put duct tape on her mouth. Just because. (Isn't she silly?)
 Colin's Halloween set up in the front yard:
 Matthew and I have been working on helping him become more independent in the bathroom. We talked about using 4 squares and doing the best he can on his own before calling for Mom. He's doing great.
 Matthew got to come with me on Colin's field trip to watch the Utah Symphony at Bingham High School. He was a fun little buddy. (It's a good thing I brought along picture books and snacks to keep him content.)
 We stopped for lunch at McDonald's. Colin was with friends, and I tried to snap a quick little picture. But even then, he suspected it and didn't look too pleased.
 Mira loves to help in the kitchen. On this day I was making dinner and she was such a great helper. She peeled all these potatoes for me. She even did some dicing.
 I went with my friend, Melissa Johnson and her two little ones, to The Gardens at Thanksgiving Point. It was lovely weather, and the boys had a great time.

 I love this path that winds down through the trees and bushes, past whimsical hanging lanterns.
 Matthew ran up and down this hill over and over. He wanted me to join him, which I did.
 West Jordan has had complaints of an infestation of Black Widows. I've seen my share of them in window wells and in the front yard on the cement.

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