Thursday, December 4, 2014

Halloween '14

One of the most anticipated holidays around here: Halloween! The children had been talking about it for weeks and weeks. Especially Colin, of course. This and Independence Day are his favorites. Micah dressed up as Doctor Who. The show is huge right now, and his favorite doctor is Matt Smith, the 11th doctor. Micah used his own money to purchase his shirt (David Tennant's shirt, the 10th doctor), sonic screwdriver, and 3-D glasses. He used Chad's jacket as a makeshift trench coat. And the converse were a little large, but helped with the effect.
Mira had a couple of ideas she was toying with, but went for cowgirl. Isn't she the cutest one ever? Partway through trick-or-treating, someone stepped on the back of her shoe and nearly the entire sole peeled away. And that was the end of the cute pink boots.
Ella, also being a fan of Doctor Who, wanted nothing more than to dress up as Clara. I worked a little magic with a plain black shirt in order to turn it into a Clara shirt. She had the boots and skirt, and was set. She wanted makeup to top it off. Being all dolled up, I caught a glimpse of what she'll look like in a few years. Pretty dang beautiful!
Matthew and I went to Fox Hollow's parade. Each grade came through, and seeing all the various costumes was great. Micah was off track, and at home, so I was sure to snap a couple of pictures of his friends. Here are Trevor, Caleb, Mason, and Strider.
Alex Howie:
M Baudry (Ella's French teacher):
Ella and her friends:
Ms. Brown (Ella's English teacher):
Mme Desmet (Mira's French teacher):
Cute Mira:
Mrs. Shimp (Mira's English teacher):
I was in charge of Mrs. Shimp and Mme Desmet's 2nd grade party, so all the parents got organized and hosted various games. I know the donuts had to be among the favorites:

Matthew was my little tagalong, and he was totally bummed there weren't enough donuts for him to do this. But he ended up playing Bingo, and loved that.
 Mrs. Shimp took the following pictures with her camera:

 These next two are my favorite. This game was a touch and guess game. They reached in and felt "eyeballs," "brains," and more. So here is Mira, just putting her hand in to see what's there...
 Eeeew! I love this one!

 And they made "slime."

Right after Mira's party, I went over to Ella's class to help with theirs. They played a Minute to Win It game where you drop a broom handle on a plate to cause the marshmallow to pop up, and try to catch it in a cup. They were full of energy!

Cassidy, Callie, and Ella:
Matthew got to have his own preschool Halloween party. He dressed up as a fireman (again). What he really wanted to be was a weeping angel from Doctor Who (with encouragement from Micah and Ella), but I just explained that the costume for that was just not going to happen. And he was perfectly content picking out something from the dress up closet. 
His class sang "A Big Black Cat." Matthew rocked it.
Back at the classroom they danced and had special treats.
I spotted this little treasure up on the wall in his classroom. So I took a picture of a picture. It is so stinking adorable. It is not his real smile, but that look cracks me up. It reminds me of a Norman Rockwell.
The whole class. Matthew has a hard time naming his classmates. He knows several of them, but I think, at this age, he's just not terribly interested in being pals with each of them. Or maybe they do all play together happily, he just hasn't bothered to remember names. Haha.
Colin was all over the decorating again this year. Not only did he spend months thinking and planning, but he put hours into getting everything just so. He and Chad took a trip to Lowe's so he could buy the supplies he needed to create the black figure in the foreground. I love his creativity and ingenuity!
This was about the best picture I was going to get of these two. They tried not to act too put out. Their original plans were to start trick-or-treating at 4:30. I told Colin he couldn't go before 5:00. He wasn't happy with that, but did it anyway. They were totally serious about getting as much candy as humanly possible. They had their route planned out. Colin even his own candy bag out of a pillowcase and duffle bag strap in order to hold as much candy as he planned on getting. He ended up with 23 pounds of candy!

Some of the decorations that Colin has purchased. His big buy for this year was a jumping spider. He situated it so that it would startle people. And it certainly did! Grandpa Miller sat on the front step, handing out candy, and got to see people's reactions. Pretty funny!
Chad and I with our clever costumes. We are Google Maps, of course!
Sweet Mira with a bowl o' candy.
Doug and Rachel brought the kids down to go out with their cousins. It made the day even better! (Colin is not in this picture because he'd already left with Orion. And Micah was with his friends for a little while before coming back.) We had dinner together; I made ham and potato soup. Theron and Grant went trick-or-treating with Micah and his friends Strider, Mason, and Caleb. I think they had a great time.
After our initial trick-or-treating with all the younger kids, the girls wanted to go out for some more, so we hopped in the van and I took them around in Denise Mathew's neck of the woods. They were having such a great time, just the four girls. They were funny and silly.

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