Monday, December 8, 2014

Mira's Baptism

 Mira was baptized on Saturday, December 6 at 1:00. We felt blessed to have grandparents, Doug and Rachel's family, Amber, Michael Finelli, and Aunt Geri and Uncle Danny there.
 Ella and Victoria, bosom buddies:
 Matthew got his hands on the camera:

 Grandma Barnett gave a talk on baptism and gave Mira the framed picture below. Uncle Doug spoke on the Holy Ghost. All the cousins and siblings sang together, "He Sent His Son" while Colin played piano. And Colin played piano for the entire service. He was incredible. I was so impressed.
 Mira had been looking forward to this day. It was special. Her primary teachers, Sister Vicki Soha and Jane Nielson came, Cheryl and Greg Nyman, Alexis Carr and Heather, Lillian Smith and Sheryl, Alyssa, Phoenix, Orion Badger and Nathan, Rylee Hutchinson and Kevin (who conducted), Ashley Lesh, Victoria Howe, Melissa Johnson, and Denise Mathews.

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