Tuesday, December 2, 2014

St. George Visit--Chad's iPhone Pics--Snow Canyon, Pioneer Park, and Fremont Indian State Park

(I'm not sure that this was taken during our St. George visit, but I like it.)
 While we were at Snow Canyon, and after we spent a good amount of time at the Sand Dunes, we went on a couple of other short jaunts. Mom and Dad kept with us. We love exploring. The children have such a good time climbing and feeling like adventurers. Well, they are, in fact!

 Getting a group shot. Matthew's attempt at a smile gives me a chuckle.
 Micah really wanted a good picture of him climbing up the walls.

 Our last spot was "Pioneer Names." The sign said the pioneers had written their names in axle grease on the rock. We thought we'd still be able to see them, and were a little disappointed they weren't there. But that didn't stop the kids from being creative and enjoying themselves. By this time, Grandma and Grandpa had headed out to buy Creamies for everyone once we got back to their house.
 The kids used rocks to scratch out things into other rocks, they made believe.
 Matthew was checking out the map we were given.

 They took some of the rocks and pounded them into powder. Then put their hands in the powder and tried to make their own handprints on the rock. (Of course we knew it was very temporary.)
 Mira and Ella hid out up in the rocks tucked in the trees.

 On our last day, we stopped at Pioneer Park for some play time before heading back to West Jordan. When we first got to Pioneer Park, we played hide and go seek. Then we looked for this slot canyon. It was quite narrow, and only the middle three went through it. Matthew stayed with us, and only Micah, Ella, and Mira would fit through. Ella was pretty nervous about doing it, but she really wanted to keep up with Micah and Mira. She got partway through and realized she wasn't able to turn her head back around to see us. It kind of freaked her out, but she didn't give up. She felt proud of herself for getting it done!

 And some fun pictures atop a mini arch:

 Well, we left St. George and stopped partway home at the Fremont Indian State Park. It was a great little stopover. There was an indoor museum, but we spent most of our time in the children's section. Micah loved this microscope! I'm not sure he used it as was originally intended, but it was fascinating to look at hangnails and eyelashes!
 Mr. Colin familiarizing himself with our world.
 Cute Matthew having a good ol' time.
 And the girls' favorite part was the mock pit house. They reorganized everything and had a ton of fun making believe.
 They took the camera to get some pics of what they'd done to the inside.

 Outside the museum were trails to follow that took you around to different petroglyphs. It is so amazing to see these preserved. And there were not just a few. There was also a pit house outside which you could climb down into and explore. The kids thought that was spectacular.
 This looks to be Chad and Colin at a Jazz game, and Chad trying to get Colin to cooperate for a picture.

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