Tuesday, December 2, 2014

St. George Visit

 This was our first visit to St. George since Mom and Dad moved there.We were excited to check it out. The weather just couldn't have been any better. Chad and I took Colin to the temple to do baptisms. It was great, especially since it wasn't busy and we didn't have to wait. I think we'll try to do this each time we come.

 The girls and Matthew slept in the living room, as Matthew can be comfortable just about anywhere. See? The pillow doesn't even matter!
 Mom and Dad were great hosts, and we ate well.
 We all went together to Snow Canyon. We remembered that Chad and I had taken the kids here before, years ago. The sand was fun then, and it was still so.
 The dunes were work to climb up and down, but it was no problem for the young'uns.
 Mom and Dad were troopers.
 The sand is so fine, and underneath the top layer it is very cool. It's therapeutic just sitting there, running your hand through the sand.
 We watched some rock climbers from a distance. Dad had his binoculars, and we had fun with those. Grandpa also showed the kids how to find sand crabs by looking for slight disturbances in the sand, and then scooping it up. It was entertaining to watch the crabs immediately dig themselves right back down into the sand.
 There was a lot of jumping, rolling, and running going on at the Snow Canyon Dunes!
 On Sunday we went to church with Mom, visited my high school friends DiAnn and Ben Fox at their beautiful home, and went to the Visitor's Center at the St. George Temple. We got some good family photos.

 Back at the house, we had some major wrestling going on. Matthew really gets into it! Chad was a good sport and took on whomever wanted a piece of it.

 On our last day Mom and Dad made us a delicious big breakfast before we all headed out the door to Pioneer Park. Thank you Mom and Dad for being so wonderful to us!

 Grandpa gave the kids a package of fake moustaches. So we had fun with those.

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