Saturday, December 6, 2014


 Here's a little of what our morning looked like leading up to Thanksgiving. Mom and Dad came up and stayed with us a few days. It is always so great to have them around. They make life easier. Mom took on the pies (oh, the pies!), stuffing, Teddy Graham dip, and cranberry fluff.
 Because this was also Mira's birthday, she and Mira worked together on the Teddy Graham dip. Mira loved helping. And Mom was so patient. She is such a good teacher.
 What did everyone else do? Colin was on Minecraft with Matthew looking on.
 Micah was on his iPod.
 Ella went to Matthew's rocking chair to chill on the iPad.
 Family began arriving for dinner at 1:00. We feel so lucky to have Aunt Geri and Uncle Danny close by. They are currently serving a mission at the Family History Center at Temple Square.
 Doug, Rachel, and the clan arrived. Janna, Alan, and Amber came.

 We made a ton of mashed potatoes. (Ella's absolute favorite, especially with gravy!) I cooked a 20 pound turkey, another 13 pound turkey, and a 10 pound ham. Amber brought a ton of rolls, Janna brought green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and a veggie tray. Rach brought her signature candied yams and creamed corn. It was a whole lot of good food.
 All the kids had been anticipating this feast. Colin told me his favorite Thanksgiving is when we do it at home.

 Matthew would collect all the plastic cups he could get his hands on in order to build a tower. Michael was right there with him, making it that much more fun. Juliette was in on it some, too.
 Doug, Rach, and I sat around and visited with Aunt Geri and Uncle Danny.
 We all sang Mira "Happy Birthday." The cousins gathered around and dug into the Teddy Grahams and dip. Pretty fun!

 We fit 23 people in our living room/kitchen. Thanks to Janna and Alan for bringing extra tables and chairs!
 I asked the kids to read a little something about the origins of Thanksgiving. We did a dry run, and I knew I needed to whittle it down more in order for them to get through it and not get bored. I love traditions like this, learning and remembering the reason for our celebration.

 Around the table:

 The next day, after everyone left, we worked on gingerbread houses. Mom, Dad, and all the Millers spent the night. It was a party! Micah and Grant had awoken before the sun came up and played XBox together (Terraria, maybe).

 After gingerbread houses, we all went over to Thanksgiving Point's Museum of Natural Curiosity. It was a lot of fun. The four oldest: Colin, Theron, Micah, and Grant pretty much stuck together the entire several hours we were there. They had a great time. Chad and Matthew were buddies. They spent a lot of time outside because the weather was so fantastic. Matthew loves the sand!

Mom, Doug, and I sat and chatted for a good portion of the time. Doug was so stoked for their surprise trip to Disneyland they were taking the older four children to. We were excited for them!
 And Chad took Mira to a Jazz game since it was her birthday week.

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