Thursday, December 4, 2014

Wildcat of the Quarter

Colin was (unbeknownst to him) nominated as the Wildcat of the Quarter. This is a prestigious award at West Hills Middle School. The teachers nominate students in each grade. One of them is chosen as the winner. (One boy, one girl, that is.) I had been contacted by a teacher so that I could write up a blurb to be read at the 8th grade assembly, when they would announce the Wildcats. What I wrote is below.
 Colin Barnett
This young man is goal-oriented. If there is something he wants to learn about, he will! He loves getting books from the library on various subjects, and researches different topics online. A few of his current favorite topics are tennis, 4th of July fireworks, and Halloween decorating. He was even offered a job this past summer working at a fireworks stand because he knew so much about them! He has saved his money the past few years to purchase items to transform his home at Halloween into a perfectly creepy house.
He just finished his Eagle Scout project, and enjoys working on merit badges with his troop. He works with other 12 and 13 year-old boys in his church to plan volunteer activities that benefit others. If there is a job to do around the house, his mother knows he will do it well; he is a conscientious worker.
No one has to remind him to practice his instrument after school. He diligently practices each day. His family enjoys hearing him play violin and piano. He loves learning at home or school, and has high aspirations for his future academic career.
Athletics are important in this young man's life. He plays basketball, soccer, and tennis. His performs well in all of these, but his favorite and best sport is tennis, which he has played since he was very young. He hopes to be on the high school tennis team next year!
He is the eldest to his 2 sisters and 2 brothers. His youngest brother, who is 4 years old, loves to wrestle with his big brother. He is dependable when he is asked to take care of his siblings.
(The other student who won was Amber Burt. Colin says they are in math together.)

The funny thing is that Colin could see over the VP's shoulder and could see his name on the paper, and thus knew straightaway that he was the winner. And anyway, as soon as it was read the this student liked tennis, those who knew Colin knew it was he who won. 

The girls and Matthew were with me at the assembly. We had fun ducking behind the auditorium seats, hiding from Colin, so as not to give away the surprise. After the assembly, Colin and Amber, along with their families, were invited to the conference room in the office for refreshments. It was a very nice morning. Colin was only disappointed because he didn't win the Triple Crown. This award is for those students who have straight A's, all H's in citizenship, and have no absences. Colin met the first two requirements, but because we took him out of school for 2 days to go to St. George, he missed the perfect attendance. Sorry, Colin! But we still think you're awesome.

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