Monday, December 8, 2014

Winter Festivities

 Whenever I'm doing anything in the kitchen that looks interesteing, Matthew wants to help! (Cracking eggs, rolling dough, peeling potatoes...)
The Miller cousins bought gifts for their cousins, and they handed them out, excited to watch them get opened. Matthew got a floor puzzle that he has a lot of fun with.

 Last night (Sunday), we went to Draper on 13400 S and 1300 E to participate in Handel's Messiah Sing-in. It was amazing. If we ignore the fact that the girls repeatedly asked me "How much longer?" throughout the 90 minute oratorio, and Matthew pulling all kinds of antics, it was incredible. The music was just wonderful. The orchestra was made up of locals. The soloists were fantastic. I definitely got chills during the performance. We'd borrowed a couple of books from the Lofthouses, so we could follow along and sing. I need to become more familiar with it so that next year I'm not quite so lost. (Now I know what to ask Santa for!) While there, we saw Jesse Spencer, our old neighbor from South Ogden (Finn's dad). Chad saw someone who was a patient. Mark and Andrea Bangerter were there.

After the performance, we drove over to Draper City Park to see the "Tree of Life" I'd been hearing a lot about. It is this big tree absolutely covered in lights, with some of the lights extra bright and blinking. It definitely is reminiscent of the famous painting of the Book of Mormon's Tree of Life. Getting out and running around was precisely what the doctor ordered. Matthew needed to get out of confinement and run! The four younger children ran, raced, played tag, and rolled down a hill. Colin, Chad, and I talked. I must say, I sure enjoy talking to Colin. He's more mature now, and we have enjoyable conversations.
 Colin took this panoramic picture of the lighted trees at the park:

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