Saturday, January 31, 2015

Christmas Prep

 In preparation for Christmas, we were able to enjoy some memorable events. Micah performed with the Fox Hollow band. He played his first trumpet solo: "Dynamite". He had practiced it a lot, but was still pretty nervous about the evening performance. He'd played in front of the whole school earlier in the day, and didn't feel his performance was his best. He was worried about a repeat performance. In fact, when the band was in the middle of the concert, he was still undecided. But he bit the bullet and did it. And he did so well! I was very impressed that he would put himself out there like that. I used to have a picture of Micah with his band teacher, Leslie Williams, but I think it got deleted when he recropped it: 
 Handsome dude! I love it when he wears his suit and bow tie.
 Matthew's Little Learners preschool class held a Christmas performance for families. He wanted to wear Colin's bow tie. He looked adorable! But that tie was off before the show even started.
 While we waited, Colin and Matthew entertained themselves.
 Miss Aubrey (left) and Miss Karli (right) are such wonderful teachers. They are cheerful and kind to Matthew. He enjoys preschool this year.

 Now this picture below is no performance. It is West Jordan showing our force in numbers in opposition to the proposed prison relocation to West Jordan. Thankfully, the private owner decided not to sell the land. So we got ourselves off the list. Such a relief.
Our ward, Cobble Creek 2nd, had a fun Christmas party. We enjoyed a soup dinner, put on by the Elder's Quorum. Rick and Amy Davis and Rick's band came and played their folk music. It was a lot of fun! Santa and Mrs. Claus even came for a visit.

 Our big gift to parents this year was family pictures. It had been a couple of years since our last session, and I just loved how those turned out. But, I have to say, going to FotoFly was so painless, and I loved how the pictures turned out. The only reason I only have Colin's picture here is that I was told someone had a crush on him and wanted a picture. So it was on my phone. He has been told he has the best hair in our ward, haha! Our son likes style.

I love Micah's smile here. It is definitely his smile.
 It's hard to believe Ella's growing up, but it is obvious. She is lovely.
 You can't see it in this picture, but Mira is wearing her Book of Mormon necklace from the Rices. I just love her bright eyes!
 Mr. Matthew looks like he's busting into giggles. He was so funny during this shoot. He found a soft soccer ball prop. As Chad and I were trying to take a couple of pictures together, he's chucking it at us, good-naturedly, of course. Haha.
Cute kiddos.
 I was very  happy with the results of our family portrait, and had it printed onto canvas to hang in our living room. I just couldn't move the one in our entry way from a couple of years ago.

 And this was in the middle of our session. Someone was having fun with my phone's camera.
 And I think Ella snagged this picture of Matthew and me. I love it!

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