Saturday, January 31, 2015

Dad's Outing to Curiosity Museum

While I was putting on the Mission Leader Council Luncheon, Chad took Micah and Matthew to the Curiosity Museum. Micah was off track, and Chad had the day off. He'd spent the morning exercising and studying for his big recertification. They were gone for hours! Chad was thinking of me and sent me several pictures of the boys having a good ol' time.
 The sand spinning on the turntable is mesmerizing.

 Micah treated everyone to an ice cream cone. What a sweetheart. He's the rich one in the family with the jobs he's been doing. Yardwork for Miss Velma, dogsitting for the DeWitts.
 I think Matthew's favorite place to be is outside! The look on his face says it all. In fact, we came back here just a few days later to meet my friends, Kathleen Gundersen and Emily Hincks. It was a colder day, but he really wanted to go outside again.

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