Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ella's Big 10!

The morning of Ella's birthday I brought her (and Mira, per request) breakfast in bed. She let me know she really wanted waffles and either bacon or sausage. Wish granted! They loved having their breakfast served on silver trays. Colin and Micah were up to sing "Happy Birthday" with us. Then she opened her gift which included two gift certificates: one for dinner to Olive Garden and one to go shopping for any pair of boots she wants! She liked that.
Grandma and Aunt Amber picked up Ella a little early from school (lucky duck!) to take her out to Boondocks, dinner, and gift shopping. While they were out, Amber sent me a few pictures which were fun to get. I liked this selfie. Janna and Amber were surprised when I posted it on Facebook. They said it was their very first selfie. They are now officially inducted into the world of selfies.
 So Ella had a marvelous time being spoiled. Amber even went on a couple of rides with her.
 Miniature golf!  Ella came back with a milkshake and an Ever After High doll, Apple White.
We love Ella. Here is what Ella is all about these days:
*Ella is creative. She loves drawing, especially landscapes.
*Quiet, alone time is important to her. She needs time each day away from everything and everyone to just be by herself and play, listen to an audiobook, think, etc.
*Ella loves sunsets and sunrises. But especially sunsets. She will run outside and ooh and ahh and take pictures. Or she'll draw a sunset.
*Climbing trees and playing outside when the weather is decent is something she loves. In fact, it's the end of January, and she'll go out and jump on the tramp, climb the tree, and play.
*She loves to bring blankets, pillows, and toys outside to the clubhouse and transform the clubhouse into a real room where she can use her imagination.
*The play room has been awesome for fostering imaginative play. Ella loves to create her own little space in there with bedding to imitate a room.
*The hockey and pool tables have been draped with blankets so that she can hide underneath. It will be fully decked out with all her creature comforts: blankets and pillows, stereo, reading light, books, notebook and pencils. She'll listen to something while she studies her spelling words or plays.
*Ella has enjoyed times when she's been able to help me with dinner preparation or making treats.
*Keeping her bed neat and orderly is important to her. She'll go around and grab various decorative pillows to place atop her bed to make it fancier. And she'll take the blue bathroom rug and put it on their bedroom floor to dress the place up a little.
*Style is important to Ella. She thinks about the outfit she'll be wearing to school. She likes to have her hair brushed out completely. Sometimes she'll ask me to curl it Taylor Swift-style.
*You can know Ella is in a great mood if you hear her singing. It might be her favorite song, "A Thousand Years" by Christina Perry, or it might be something she's making up on the spot.
*Ella is good about getting up in the morning for scripture study.
*She prefers to eat her meals with her feet up on her chair seat, her knees propped against the table. She tries to remember to use her fork at all times. :)
*Her favorite after school snack is cereal. If it's a Monday (my grocery day), she (everyone, really) will run in the house after school, asking if there's cereal!
*She's doing well in school. There was a struggle with learning the new section method math for multiplication and division, but she's got it down now. She likes French, and has a good teacher, Mr. Baudry.

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