Saturday, January 31, 2015

Holiday Addendum

I thought that taking pictures of some of the children's special papers would be a good way to remember things. This was something Ella filled out in school. I like that it's a little glimpse into where she is right now, and what is important to her.  
For one Family Home Evening recently, Colin planned the activity. He wanted each child to write to each sibling, sharing with them why they are loved and what makes them special. I thought that was a pretty fantastic idea. And they all loved it.
 This was something Mira wrote in Mrs. Shimp's class. I got a kick out of it! (Front side, back side)

 I missed these pictures in my post about Michaeline's wedding, but these are more goofy pics we took in the photo booth. Here we are with Uncle Dennis. What a good sport!

 And then Dad brought the four of us together for this session:
 I think Dad looks 20-something here!

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