Saturday, January 31, 2015

Just a Typical Day

Looks like Micah got his hands on my phone for this gem:
 Ella was in charge of Family Home Evening treats last week. She chose snickerdoodles. Although Mira and Matthew were right there, ready to help at a moment's notice, Ella made it clear she wanted to do it from start to finish. So when she wasn't using the flour Matthew and Mira had plenty of fun using the measuring cup and knife, just playing around. The cookies turned out great. Thanks, Ella!
 Matthew was snuggling Jack, and it was too sweet.
 The day finally arrived when it was Mira's turn to take out her original stud earrings. She has had a great time picking out new earrings to wear. On this particular day, she chose the CTR earrings given to her by her primary teacher, Sister Vicki Soha. She loves them. Sister Soha is one of those amazing primary teachers. She is so loving and kind. She goes above and beyond. She's brought my girls (since they've both had her) gifts at Christmas, birthday, baptism. They just know she loves them.
 Micah has been faithfully attending early morning band practice. Even when he's off track, he'll make it over there a couple days a week. This particular day he asked that I come sit in and listen. His band teacher, Leslie Williams, is patient and encouraging. Right now Micah is playing the Star Wars theme and the Batman theme. Oh, and you can't forget "Let's Go Band!"

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