Saturday, January 31, 2015

Michaeline's Wedding

 Michaeline was married to Randall Kelmer on December 19th. Doug, Rachel, and I drove down together. We stayed over a night at St. George on the way down, and then back up again. So nice to break up the drive like that!
 The wedding was pretty, and the best part was getting to see family. Michaeline very graciously offered her home for us to stay in. Mom and Dad were there, too.
 Uncle Dennis came, which was great. I so enjoyed getting to travel with Doug and Rachel. I love getting to visit with them.

 Ethan, Don, and Kevin Rentz:
 Aunt Geri and Adam:

 Melissa, photographer extraodinaire:
 The cultural hall was decorated beautifully:
 There was a photo booth, and we had a lot of fun being silly!

 The night we arrived, Aunt Geri put Doug, Rachel, and me in charge of punch. We did some running around to get sherbet, ginger ale, and a punch bowl. It turned out delicious.
 Michele and Dan:
 Mom and Dad:
 Moi (I sent this to the kids):
 The next day, Mom and Dad took us around Rialto to show us their old stomping ground. We saw Nana and Grandpa's house on Elm Ct. I believe Dad moved here when he was 8. I remember visiting as a kid.
 This is the house/funeral home Mom lived in as a kid. Dad worked here (at the funeral home) later.

 Dad in front of the house on Elm Court:
 Dad was really pleased with how well the owners have kept it up. He says it looks very much as it did when Nana and Grandpa lived here. The grass used to extend all the way to the curb. We did go see the house that Dad was brought home to as a baby, but the neighborhood was sketchy, and there was some dude in front of the house whom we didn't feel comfortable encountering. So we just did a drive by. Mom and Dad said the neighborhood used to be nice. Just a bunch of starter homes. But times change neighborhoods.
 Below is the home Mom lived in when she was a teenager. I think this home is on Willow... Anyway, Mom and Dad had some humorous stories from about this time with Gramma.
 This home had a pool in the backyard, which was an absolute treat for them.
 Here is Eisenhower High School, where Mom and Dad both went. It's been added onto quite a bit. Uncle Danny worked here as a teacher, too. The school is right down the street from the stake center where they were married.
 Here is the church they would've gone to, and where they were married. My favorite picture of their wedding is when they are walking down the aisle, holding hands, and Dad is looking at Mom.

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