Friday, March 20, 2015

Micah, Micah, Micah

This kid keeps me laughing.
 Matt and Marianne DeWitt offered him an opportunity to make some dough. He dogsat Frodo while they were on vacation. He took the job seriously, and did a good job. Frodo had more than a few accidents, so I got to help him with that. And then, halfway through, Micah came down with some virus that stuck with him for well over a week. Poor guy! Thankfully (or not, in his opinion), he was off track, so he didn't miss any school. But he was pretty miserable.
Micah has been wanting another pet for some time. We all agree that. if it weren't for Jack's territorial temperament, we'd get a cat. We all love cats, and they still miss Tiger. But, since that's out of the question, he thought a fish would be a nice place to start. So, for $15, he bought someone's 2 goldfish, bowl, food, etc. I thought he took good care of them. But within a couple of weeks, they'd both died. He was pretty broken up about it. He didn't know what had gone wrong. Once the second one died, he decided to at least get something out of it. So he asked if he could dissect it. Why not. Ella was right there with him, and they thought it was pretty interesting.
 Little fishy's brain:
 (A little shout out to Matthew at the playground!)
 For his birthday party, he decided he wanted to invite a few of his closest friends to Classic Fun Center in Sandy. Here he is with Caleb Anglin and Alex Howy. His friend, Gavin Doutt awoke this morning with a virus (probably the same nasty one Micah had off track), and couldn't come. He ended up taking Gavin again a couple of weeks later.
 They had a great evening. I just hung out at the table and read my book.

 Micah's actual birthday happened to coincide with Chad's and my trip to San Diego. But Grandma Miller was there to make it special. He awoke to breakfast in bed: pancakes, bacon, etc. I love that she got this picture of all the kids together, celebrating Micah's birthday. I just can't believe how long Matthew's legs are getting! I had to snap a close up of this picture because it is something else. He is easily a head taller than a lot of other kids his age.
 Micah is now 12! He is no longer in Primary (a huge plus in his book!), and gets to go to Young Men. He told me how much more quickly the time passes at church now. He really enjoys Young Men. He received the priesthood, and has been passing the sacrament excellently. He was taken out to eat by both sets of grandparents, and Grandpa Miller took him to Boondocks on his birthday. He loved it. He opened a gift from us that was just what he wanted: MONEY!
What is Micah up to these days:
*He has worked hard to bring up his math grade, and just found out he will be in 8th grade honors math next year!
*He loves to read a few book series: The Hunger Games, Divergent, Percy Jackson, and Harry Potter. He's read them again and again. (Broadening his literary horizon at school has not been his favorite thing. He prefers to stick with what he knows he likes.)
*He was sad to learn that one of his best, funniest friends, Alex Howy, will be moving this summer.
*He no longer thinks Minecraft is worthy of his attention. These days it is all apps on his iPod and "Good Mythical Morning." The webcast has two men as the hosts, and they discuss all sorts of fun and funny topics like eating hot peppers, strange animals you'd never believe actually existed, etc.
*He has turned a new leaf and now wants his room to be in tip-top shape. He'll organize his closet and drawers, keep things picked up, and so forth.(Yay!)
*He is always asking when he can see his Miller cousins and have a sleepover with Grant. It's so wonderful to have them close, but 1 hour is still so far away when you want to see them often.
*He's been interested in sketching lately. He's made a sketch of a Roman soldier that is really good. Recently, he started working on an ancient (Greek, maybe?) building. He treasures his sketches.
*He really wants to sign up for flag football. Every so often, he'll go out to the backyard to practice runs with Dad. He likes to use the football gloves he got for Christmas.
*Style is important to him. He'll ask Colin periodically for assistance in choosing an outfit.. He likes to have his hair smoooooth.
*Micah can be such a great playmate for his siblings. They'll sometimes "get in the groove," as I like to say. They'll collaborate and enjoy each others company for long periods of time. It seems like Sundays is when this happens most often. I love it.

Micah's Science Project

Chad worked with Colin and Micah individually on their science fair projects. They both investigated whether Alka-Seltzer tablets would dissolve quicker in warmer water. The title of Micah's project was "What Effect Does Heath Have on Chemical Reactions?"
Hours were put into this project. Micah submitted it to his school's fair and was one of the winners, which meant he got to compete at a district level.
 He also won there! This means he gets to go to BYU and compete at a regional level. . But what a great opportunity to see how the process works, and to see other children's projects. He didn't feel quite as confident during his interview at the district, only because some time had passed since he'd last presented at Fox Hollow. He was sure the journey would end there. So when he got news he'd be continuing, he was rather surprised.

What a darling boy we have. And so clever, too!

Ella's 10th Birthday Party

 Ella had a special request for her birthday cake: purple frosting with hearts and peace symbols on it. She loved her cake.She had quite a group of girls over. They painted nails, played a few games, and watched a movie. All in their pjs.
 Paige Harris, Ashlynn Hanna, and Makenna Anderson paint nails:
 Cali and Mira:
 Goofing off:
 Yummy cake and ice cream!

 Ella with her friends.
Victoria Howe:
 Watching the movie with a treat.
 All the girls enjoyed popcorn, and snuggled up on the couch. After some time, some of them moved into the play room to be creative and play.
What's Ella like these days?
*Loves having quiet time all to herself in her room to play with stuffed animals, listen to an audiobook, read, or watch a show on the iPad.
*Plays with neighbor, Victoria, often. They like to play Littlest Pet Shop.
*Her teachers, Ms. Brown and Mr. Baudry, say she is an excellent student. She has a tendency to be on the shy side, but has come out of her shell more as the year has progressed (most noted in French).
*French is improving. She is now drawing from learned vocabulary to put together thoughts.
*Practicing piano daily, and continuing to learn from Mrs. Mathews.
*Loves cheetah print anything on clothes.
*Favorite outfits would include leggings, a top with a jean or other stylish jacket over the top.
*Wants to grow her hair out longer. If I suggest a trim, she is adamant that is is a little trim!
*Her favorite meals are Hawaiian Haystacks, hamburgers, and mashed potatoes and gravy with some kind of meat.
*She likes for the trampoline to be under our big honey locust tree so that she can climb up the net, onto the tree, and then drop down onto the tramp.
*She loves to be read to, especially a book that intrigues her. Right now, we are reading "Endangered," by Eliot Schrefer. It is hard for her to let me put the book down at night.
*Listening to audiobooks at night helps her relax and wind down.
*She and Mira just changed up rooms, so now Ella has the bedroom all to herself, and she is in heaven!
*She loves to sketch, and enjoys having free time to do so.