Friday, March 20, 2015

Ella's 10th Birthday Party

 Ella had a special request for her birthday cake: purple frosting with hearts and peace symbols on it. She loved her cake.She had quite a group of girls over. They painted nails, played a few games, and watched a movie. All in their pjs.
 Paige Harris, Ashlynn Hanna, and Makenna Anderson paint nails:
 Cali and Mira:
 Goofing off:
 Yummy cake and ice cream!

 Ella with her friends.
Victoria Howe:
 Watching the movie with a treat.
 All the girls enjoyed popcorn, and snuggled up on the couch. After some time, some of them moved into the play room to be creative and play.
What's Ella like these days?
*Loves having quiet time all to herself in her room to play with stuffed animals, listen to an audiobook, read, or watch a show on the iPad.
*Plays with neighbor, Victoria, often. They like to play Littlest Pet Shop.
*Her teachers, Ms. Brown and Mr. Baudry, say she is an excellent student. She has a tendency to be on the shy side, but has come out of her shell more as the year has progressed (most noted in French).
*French is improving. She is now drawing from learned vocabulary to put together thoughts.
*Practicing piano daily, and continuing to learn from Mrs. Mathews.
*Loves cheetah print anything on clothes.
*Favorite outfits would include leggings, a top with a jean or other stylish jacket over the top.
*Wants to grow her hair out longer. If I suggest a trim, she is adamant that is is a little trim!
*Her favorite meals are Hawaiian Haystacks, hamburgers, and mashed potatoes and gravy with some kind of meat.
*She likes for the trampoline to be under our big honey locust tree so that she can climb up the net, onto the tree, and then drop down onto the tramp.
*She loves to be read to, especially a book that intrigues her. Right now, we are reading "Endangered," by Eliot Schrefer. It is hard for her to let me put the book down at night.
*Listening to audiobooks at night helps her relax and wind down.
*She and Mira just changed up rooms, so now Ella has the bedroom all to herself, and she is in heaven!
*She loves to sketch, and enjoys having free time to do so. 

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