Friday, March 20, 2015

Micah's Science Project

Chad worked with Colin and Micah individually on their science fair projects. They both investigated whether Alka-Seltzer tablets would dissolve quicker in warmer water. The title of Micah's project was "What Effect Does Heath Have on Chemical Reactions?"
Hours were put into this project. Micah submitted it to his school's fair and was one of the winners, which meant he got to compete at a district level.
 He also won there! This means he gets to go to BYU and compete at a regional level. . But what a great opportunity to see how the process works, and to see other children's projects. He didn't feel quite as confident during his interview at the district, only because some time had passed since he'd last presented at Fox Hollow. He was sure the journey would end there. So when he got news he'd be continuing, he was rather surprised.

What a darling boy we have. And so clever, too!

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