Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Friends n Stuff

 With Matthew being in preschool, he gets a little bored sometimes. Thank goodness for little friends! The only bummer about the friends situation is that they are all older than Matthew. So schedules just don't mesh really well. But when he can get together with a buddy, happy day! Kyle Harris is a sweet guy, and he and Matthew enjoy playing. Typically, they'll jump on the tramp, play a game, imagine and run around in the backyard.
 And the girls love to play with Victoria Howe. She's a sweet little girl, and is kind to both Mira and Ella. They love to play pretend in the playroom, play Ever After High, paint nails, dress up, and giggle!

 I don't exactly remember why Mira ended up on the couch overnight in this particular instance, but I suspect it was because she and Matthew were being too noisy for bedtime.

 One of Ella's favorite things to do is take pictures of nature. She loves to capture beautiful things. She'd come running in the house, begging to have my phone in order to snap a few pictures outside.

 Best buds: Matthew and Jack.

 We went to Classic Fun Center one night with the kids. The kids scootered, climbed, and ran around. Matthew had a great time playing with them. Colin, in particular, was great with him. He took Matthew up into the jungle climbing area. And Matthew surprised us all by jumping off a high platform (probably 15 feet high), and into a foam pit. Over and over!
 Colin had been asking me if we could just "please" go window shopping. There were several stores he was most interested in checking out: H&M, Macys, Cotton On, Banana Republic, etc. I suggested we head over to City Creek. A whole new world was opened to him! All these stores and more in one location. I followed him around, and we looked at the fashions, and liked a lot of the same things. Some of the new fashions I just had to laugh at. Stone-washed parachute-type jeans. I remember stone wash when I was Colin's age. I just can't see it happening again. But Colin has a good eye for style. He tried on different items. I think he's looking ahead to his birthday in about 6 weeks. He only had a couple of dollars with him, and he was determined to find something to purchase. He did find a narrow leather bracelet that he is sure to wear to school each day.
 Jackie, basking in the sun. One of his favorite spots, up on the back of the couch, in the office.

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