Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mission Remembrances

This past St. Patrick's Day I was doing a little reminiscing about my time in Ireland. I looked through my mission album and took pictures to share with some of my companions on Facebook. These are fond memories. The first one is a picture drawn for me (and of me) by Brian Gibbons, a young boy in Galway (his photo is below). The crazy thing is that he is now a grown man, and his mother has several other children besides him.
My companion, Sister Kelly (Sarah Stamps) below:

 Me with Brian and Michelle Gibbons in Galway. This is the photo that was used for the announcement in the paper for my return from my mission.
 My trainer, Sister Coleman (Amy Nydegger) and I having a little fun while out tracting in Galway.
 Sister Davis (Emily Hincks) and I with a cute family. We did a Family Home Evening with them.
 Sister Davis, Leslie Koukash, and a friend, preparing a meal, I believe.
 A group of missionaries (?, Elder Shaheen, Elder Dave Stewart, Elder Bret Gundersen, me, Sister Karin Crafts-Wilkinson)
 This sweet lady was someone we met one day while out tracting. Sister Davis and I ended up going back on a regular basis to visit her.
 And here's another woman we visited, who lived just around the corner from us in Bangor, Northern Ireland. Poor thing should have been in some sort of assisted living home. She lived by herself and we'd help her out around the house a bit.
 I just loved serving with Sister Ferguson (Emma Siddy). She has such a great sense of humor, and kept me laughing!
 Out tracting in the rain, of course!
 Some old building in Antrim, Northern Ireland.
Sister Kelly, looking contemplative while writing in her journal.

 Sister Ferguson and I may have let the back garden go just a bit. It was a sort of jungle back there!
 We definitely enjoyed our share of curries!

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