Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sunsets, Legos, Homework, Chocolate, Kisses, Dishes, and Skiing

This incredible sunrise was captured just before scripture study one morning in April. It was stunning! I normally don't feel pictures capture the beauty, but the one comes close.
 I'd heard that the Lego Americana tour was at the Fashion Place mall, and thought Matthew would enjoy that. The displays were fun, but Matthew wasn't as keen on them as I'd hoped. They were very detailed, and it was fun to see what characters and funny objects they'd put in there. (Matthew took this pic.)

 While at the mall, we decided to stop into Bath & Body Works. We smelled all the lotions, sprayed all the body sprays and Matthew washed his hands with every soap available. It was adorable and fun.
 A typical afternoon for Micah after a day of 6th grade. Math homework. He's worked hard to bring up his math grade. He is in the highest math class, and recently learned that he got assigned to the 8th grade honors math class. He is excited (and a little nervous) about that.
 Mira and I made a trip to our new (awesome) Smiths on 7800 S. They had melted chocolate you could have items dipped into. So, of course, we tried that! Yummy...and a little messy!

 Matthew unloading the dishwasher. How many cups can you stack?
 Okay, so this is the best. Michael Finelli offered to take the boys skiing on his only day off of the week. It was a new experience for them, and a little challenging at times. A couple of embarrassing moments with falling on the moving carpet lift, or falling in general. But Michael kept it light and fun. He took video of them and made the most awesome music video to "Eye of the Tiger." I just wish I could put the video in the blog book! It is one to remember!

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