Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Knotty Pine

We were invited to visit Grandma and Grandpa Barnett at the Camperworld at Knotty Pine. The kids had so much fun swimming. Look at Matthew getting all into posing and jumping.
We had S'mores the night we arrived.
Grandma and Grandpa made a delicious lunch for us the next day. And we had root beer floats for Matthew's birthday. He got a new pool for the backyard!
All the kids got to sleep in the trailer. Chad and I were in the tent. The plan was to have Matthew sleep with us, but once he heard the bigger kids were in the trailer, he was determined to sleep in there, too. He was comfortable enough on cushions on the floor. I think this picture is so cute:
We returned the next day, and Chad  and I showered and headed back out to an RSL game.

Mira's 2nd Grade Circus

The Shimp-Desmet Circus was in town! There were songs, talents, and all sorts of fun. Mira played "Boogie Woogie Joe" on the piano. I was so proud. She did so well. The kids sang a few French songs, and a few in English. I loved every minute.
Here, they were singing about stranger safety. "I do, I do not know you..."
Mira with a few cute girls from class: Brielle, Haven, and London.
Both classes:
Mira got a couple of speaking parts, one in English, one in French. She did awesome. Her French sounds excellent!


I'm on the Emergency Preparedness committee with Lanissa Bell and Sophie Rice, both of whom are terrific, and I love serving with. This month I was put in charge of posting on our Cobble Creek Neighborhood Preparedness Facebook page about 72 hour kits. This is one picture I took of my own kit to post, hoping to encourage others to get theirs together.
We have the best grocery store in the valley, I am sure of it. It's new and beautiful, but more importantly, it has fabulous customer service, thanks to Bruce Butcher. He has his own Bruce at Smiths Facebook page, where he takes requests and provides service to his customers. Matthew and I went into Smiths to do a little shopping, and happened upon Bruce while he was handing out melon samples. We got to try a casaba melon. Yum! He took a photo of us and posted it.
Here is the man himself:
Mira got a cute new haircut for summer. She loves it, and it looks adorable. I've just got to take her in to get it point cut because it is a little choppy. But she looks great with the slight A-line and stacking in the back.

Bear Lake

Cutie Patootie Matthew wanting a picture of himself.
This is actually from a day trip Colin had with the Badger family. He was out of school, and they invited him to go with them to Eureka to do some RZR riding. He came back excited to tell us what fun they'd had!
Colin thought it was so cool that the RZR was capable of going up steep hills. And he thought it was funny that Nathan would purposefully do it to make SungHee scream. Then he'd get out to take a picture.
They went to an abandoned mine, which Colin said was very cool. They'd gone up with a couple of family friends, and one of them apparently stayed outside the cave as a precaution in case someone needed help. Colin's face makes me laugh in the picture below. He said they were making some "scary" faces before this was taken. Anyway, I know Colin had a great time!
This is one Matthew snapped in the St. George tabernacle on our last visit. Bonus!
Here's where Bear Lake begins. We camped at the KOA up there, which we all loved. The campsites were nice, and it had some great amenities for families: jumping pillow, swimming pool, rec room, horseshoes, a nice playground, 9 hole miniature golf. The kids had a fun time just being around there! But, of course, the real reason we come is to visit the lake. And our favorite is North Beach. I don't even remember how I first heard about it, but it's a treasure. We love the sandy beach.
The girls had so much fun together, whether it was digging in the sand, splashing in the water, or going on the inflatable boat the Badgers brought up.
Cute little Ella:
Colin and Orion went out on the boat a few different times. At this point, I tried to get a picture of them. They were farther out, but I could hear them laughing!
Micah chilling. We had fun together playing frisbee. That seems to be our go-to game at North Beach. And the kids love for us to go out farther with them. Micah and Chad went pretty dang far, to where they could not touch anymore. Then Micah wanted to take me out there. He practiced his backfloat when he got tired.
Cool dudes.
This boy was content to play in the shallow water the entire time! For hours he shoveled, lay, and visited. He and Alyssa really enjoyed each other's company.
It's hard to capture the beauty on a picture.
Since we discovered Juanito Bandito, it is expected that we will see a show each summer. The kids so look forward to it. And they were excited to share it with the Badger family. It seemed like everyone had a great time!
These girls were good buddies for the whole trip!
And these boys...well, do they look like they want their picture taken? Colin is tolerating it. Haha!
This guy played Chester, the monkey. Those abs never looked quite real to me. More like plastic. He had some amazing athleticism.
After the show, we headed to LeBeau's, our favorite place for shakes in Bear Lake. We got some delicious burgers, too. (Well, Matthew got fries instead.)

Group picture with our favorite bandit!
All of us got a chance to ride in the RZR. Nathan took up Chad, Colin, Matthew, and me on one ride. Matthew was sandwiched between Colin and me in the back. At one point I looked over and was amazed to see Matt had conked out! That was a wild ride. First time I'd ever gong on a RZR. It's impressive, what that thing can do! And can you see the big smiles in this picture? Micah came back from the ride, exuberant about the whole experience!
Sunday, after church, we went up to Tony Grove. What a pretty spot. The wildflowers were just starting to bloom. Not quite as much in bloom as they were the year before, when we went in July. But just lovely!
Micah had hurt his foot (doing something I don't remember), so he chilled in the car, playing his iPod, which is why he's not in this picture.
Matthew led our group on the path around the lake. He sure knows how to literally stop and smell the flowers. Each and every one along the path!
It was Father's Day while we were at Bear Lake. Of course, thinking about my dad on that special day. I love this picture of my parents Gabby took about a year ago:
Monday, after we had packed up everything, we drove to Minnetonka Cave.

My Ella isn't going to be a little girl much longer. Isn't she pretty?
We loved all the trees and mountains on our walk to the cave's entrance.

It's a chilly 40 degrees in the cave year round. Felt like a nice reprieve after the heat we had been feeling outside!
The tour is a good one. This is one of the rooms (don't remember which). And we also saw a couple of bats, which was cool. Micah tried so hard to get a picture of one, but they are small.
Lots of stairs. I well remember doing cave tours with a baby on one of our backs. No more.
Group shot!
And one last swim at the KOA pool before leaving. (This was before our cave tour, I think.) I got some pretty cool jump shots of the kids!
Woohoo, Ella!
We'd had a good chicken fight with Ella on Colin's shoulders, and Mira/Micah on my shoulders. That was fun.
Good air, Mira!

Matthew's poor cheek became sunburned and so dry while on this trip. I had to keep him out of the sun for several days afterwards in order to let it heal up. But that boy had such a great time swimming, jumping on the pillow, playing at the playground and beach.
Sweet girls!

Here are some photos SungHee sent to me. Pickleville Playhouse:
This is what these three were doing the majority of the time at North Beach:
Lots of sand in swimsuits! (Mira and I made a couple of trips in to deeper water to get her swimsuit cleaned out!)
Oh, and a picture outside the cave in Eureka from the earlier trip Colin took with the Badgers: