Sunday, June 28, 2015

Adventures with Pauline Guilhon

 Pauline wanted to make us a traditional French/Swiss dinner from her area near the Alps. We borrowed the machine and had Raclette. Wow! We were in love right away. Potatoes, ham, cheese. What's not to love?

Pauline did have to adjust some to our meal schedule. She's used to not eating between meals, and eating large meals, dinner being at 8pm. She also thought it strange that we served all the food at the table at the same time. Fruit, veggies, bread, meat, salad. She's used to courses. We tried adjusting some for her sake. We got used to having salad before our meals.
 We found raclette cheese at Smiths. Not exactly the same as she's used to in France, but good enough.
 Pauline and I went to the Gardens at Thanksgiving Point while the kids played at the Curiosity Museum. All the flowers in bloom were so beautiful. We sat and ate dinner before walking around.

 The next day, we took everyone (including Mom) to Park City to see the Olympic Park. It was a gorgeous day, the scenery was great, and the children got to go on a fun playground and ride the ski lift.
 Mom and Mira, the beauties.
Ella, Matthew, and I went up a lift together. Ella was really concerned about Matthew's safety. I promised her I would keep my arm around him. She wasn't sure she even wanted to ride the lift. But once we got going, she loved it. She enjoys the earth's beauties.
At the top of the lift we got to see the practice jump. It is steep!
 There was a really cool park at the top: the Mountain Challenge. It reminded us of American Ninja Warrior. Lots of fun!

 Everyone tried so hard to get up to the top of the climbing wall. But shoes were the determining factor. Colin almost got up so many times, but his shoes have no grip, so he never did make it. And Matthew tried so hard! He got close.
 There were a couple of bumps and bruises along the way, naturally.
 It was fun for everyone.
 She loves sunrises, sunsets, trees, flowers, and everything nature. She's asked me to print up some of her pictures, which I still need to do.
We took Pauline up to Donut Falls one Sunday afternoon. The only person who'd been there before was Colin.
 It wasn't exactly what I expected, but it was a nice hike. I thought we'd get right up to the falls easily, but you have to cross some slippery rocks and a log in order to make it over. Matthew and I stayed on firm ground while some of the others explored a little more.
 Chad (sweaty from carrying the backpack of water) helped Matthew go a little farther.

 Matthew was a little trooper, but he fell at one point, so Colin carried him out a ways. Colin just loves Matthew and tries hard to be a good big brother. Matthew doesn't know yet how lucky he is to be the youngest child and have so many older sibling who would do anything for him!

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