Friday, June 12, 2015

Bedhead and Soccer

Micah woke up with some nutty ol' hair one morning. He thought it was as funny as I did, and we took a picture of it.
 Well, soccer season has come to an end. Chad has coached Colin's team for several years, now. Colin has decided this is his last year playing recreational soccer. He wants to focus on tennis. Chad has really enjoyed coaching the team. It's been his weekly workout during soccer season, and he's appreciated the camaraderie with John Vuyk and Steve Allgrunn, who have provided assistance. The kids on the team are great, and I think Chad will miss all those good things. 

Mira's team did really well this year. She is a firecracker on the field. She knows her position, and keeps her eye on the ball. She's not afraid to go after it. It will be fun to see her compete now in the competitive soccer league, Razzia.

Matthew has started developing his soccer skills. He even dribbled the ball the whole way down the field last week and scored a goal! His favorite part of the whole experience is the treats.

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