Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Colin Turns 14

Hard to believe this kid is 14 now! What he wanted most for his birthday was some new warm-weather clothes. From us he received some dough just for this purpose.I knew his grandparents and Aunt Elaine and Uncle Kerry always send a card, so I suggested we make a quick stop at the mailbox. He really just wanted to shop immediately, no stops. But I said, "Well, let's just check a quick minute. I need to get the mail." Boy, was he glad we did! Add those gifts to what he had, and he was excited to get some new things.
City Creek is where he planned on going. First, we had to stop in at all the stores he likes: Nordstrom, Cotton On, H&M, Banana Republic, Express Men, etc. He looked through the racks to determine what he liked best. Then we made our way back to each store for him to purchase his items. He ended up getting a couple pairs of shorts, a few tops, socks, and cool bracelets. His most expensive purchase was a pair of reversible shorts (sky blue on one side, grey on the other) from Nordstrom. $90. But he loved them. They didn't have his size, so they had to be shipped. When they finally arrived, he was thrilled. Here he is in a new outfit. (He kindly agreed to pose for me.)
*Colin takes pride in his hair. He knows the style he likes, and can explain in detail to the hairdresser just how to cut it. He doesn't leave the house without it styled.

*He is getting really good at tennis. He has been glad for the opportunity to practice with the Copper Hills tennis team the past couple of months. He is keeping his fingers crossed that he will make the team for his 9th grade year. (Which is probably a definite certainty!)

*Colin loves collecting items for his survival pack, reading books about survival, and practicing survival. He has gone into the backyard to practice making a snare to catch small animals. Just the other day, he pointed out a flower in Salt Lake and explained to me that Foxglove is poisonous. I didn't even know that. He loves to learn.

*Speaking of learning, we consistently hear from his teachers how much they love to have him in class, and what good questions he asks.

*Next year, he is registered for a couple of advanced placement/honors classes.

*Orion and he are still buds. They like to visit, watch movies, and play video games together.

*Colin has set for himself a goal to be on the candy war for 6 months, like Micah did a while ago. Now that summer has started, he wants to eat healthful meals, no added sugars, and nothing after dinner.

*When he plays the piano in the basement, I love to be able to hear him anywhere upstairs. Right now, he is working on Pathetique. But he also practices hymns. In fact, he plays for the opening exercises in priesthood frequently.

*He is a bit of a tease with Matthew. Sooometimes takes it a little too far. But normally kind to Matthew.

*He is looking forward to his scout trip to Flaming Gorge with the Young Men.

*Very excited to be moving up to be with the Teachers, and the new responsibilities that come with that.

*We have a list for him this summer that includes the following: personal prayer, scripture study, 30 minutes piano practice, pull weeds, clean room, an extra job of my choosing, read 30 minutes. Although I cannot say he was jumping for joy over this, he is on top of it. I appreciate that.

*Colin is honest. During the school year, he is supposed to practice violin 30 minutes each day. And he would. Not a minute less. He'd set the timer to be sure he did it. His grade depended on his practicing, and even though he could have reported that he practiced without really doing so, I don't think that is something he would even consider. I love that about him!

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